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Several principles of hotel furniture customization

Hotel furniture manufacturers talk about hotel furniture design:


In the process of customization and production of hotel furniture, design is a top priority. Designers adjust the actual spatial structure of rooms, halls, or corridors in the hotel, emphasizing the integrity of functions, structures, and forms, as well as the depth and accuracy of materials, technology, and space in the design, demonstrating the perfect combination of hotel indoor functions and furniture environment, and maximizing the use of hotel space.


The customized furniture of a hotel should be designed according to the hotel environment, follow the comfort principle in the spatial scale distribution, and be more flexible in the spatial style. The conflict relationship between two adjacent spaces with different styles should be reasonably handled and resolved. A reasonable mobile route can make visual enjoyment more comfortable and free, and the shared space can have a sense of overall space, increasing the good image of the hotel.


2、 Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers talk about hotel furniture materials:


Most high-end hotel furniture is custom-made and produced using "E0" grade environmental panels, native wood, and environmentally friendly coatings, and emits less than 0.5 milligrams of formaldehyde per liter (E00.5 milligrams per liter), which is harmful to the human body. When the furniture displayed in relatively closed hotel rooms meets the "E0" emission standard, the gas or odor that irritates the eyes and nose is relatively light. After the installation of the furniture, open the window and ventilate for a few days before you can move in. Environmentally friendly furniture has become an important option for modern guests to choose hotel accommodation conditions.


In addition to the internationally recognized ISO14000 environmental system certification, the recognized environmental certification in the furniture industry also includes "Ten Ring Certification" and "CQC Quality Environmental Protection Product Certification". "Ten ring certification" is advocated and issued by the Ministry of Environment, and is the highest level and most authoritative environmental protection product certification in China. "CQC Quality Environmental Product Certification" provides a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental quality of products, and the environmental quality of furniture products that have passed these certifications is basically guaranteed.


3、 Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers share the customization process of hotel furniture:


The designer of customized furniture in the hotel uses various processing equipment to change the shape, size, or physical properties of raw materials, and processes them into products that meet technical requirements. The basic process is design manufacturing process, lofting, material selection, material cleaning, and processing.


According to the basic components of the production process, as well as the processing characteristics or purposes, there are multiple industrial parks in the furniture production process. The basic principles, typical processes, process parameters, scope of application, and quality assurance measures of the furniture production process are discussed scientifically and systematically, and various factors affecting production and quality are analyzed. The hotel customized furniture process flow and practical operation ability are reasonably formulated.


4、 Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers talk about hotel furniture production standards:


The selection of the fine materials used for the surface materials of the product shall not allow any wood defects, and the color of the logs shall be uniform, without blue color changes, corruption, seasonal cracks, cracks, insects, etc. Minor defects can be allowed on non exposed surfaces, and the area of the joint cannot exceed 10mm. Solid wood patches can be used to fill the area below 10mm. The color must be consistent, and there must be no obvious traces after painting.


The material processing shall be carried out in strict accordance with the template and drawings, and the first inspection system shall be strictly implemented during processing. After processing, the cross section of the parts shall be uniform, the corner cutting parts, punching groove corners, hole corners, and lines shall be smooth, without burrs, collapses, jumps, and wave printing. The front corner edges of the plate shall be uniform and smooth, with good hand feel, and corner tapes and plates shall be affixed. The wooden tenon and mortise connection should be closely matched, with 1.5mm between the barrel and cabinet door; Cannot exceed. The coating process must be strictly in accordance with the sample production, with the coating full, smooth, smooth, not rough, peeling off, and other phenomena.


The process requirements can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation. The quality control of products in process and products is controlled by self inspection, inspection, internal process quality inspection, inter department handover quality inspection, test quality inspection, and final inspection. Self inspection, patrol, internal process quality inspection, and examination settings are completed under the supervision of the WIP department head and quality supervisor. The department handover shall be supervised and delivered by the department head, and the quantity and quality confirmation completed by the consignee shall be reviewed and signed by the director.


5、 Hotel Furniture Quality Management:


The entire production process of furniture production consists of multiple processes, and the stability of process quality includes factors such as human, machine, material, process method, inspection, and environment. These factors, especially when the dominant factors change, will directly affect the stability of project quality. Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers believe that they should solve production quality issues in the production process based on the composition selection of various process parameters, details that should be paid attention to in equipment management, and practical experience in production work.