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What are the daily maintenance measures for hotel furniture?

What are the daily maintenance measures for hotel furniture? "The most important thing about furniture is its usual protection, because if you do not take care of it as usual, no matter what material it is, it is very easy for furniture to become moldy due to moisture, become too dirty to remove, or even become damaged. In fact, the damage to furniture is still somewhat large.".


1. Avoid moisture and sun exposure. Pay more attention to indoor humidity on weekdays. If the humidity is too high, it can easily cause moisture and mildew in the furniture. At the same time, if furniture is frequently exposed to the sun, it can cause the paint surface of Guangdong hotel furniture to fade at a light level, while at a heavy level, it can deform the board, thereby accelerating damage.


2. Wet towels. Be careful not to use a cloth that is too dry to wipe off. The dry cloth often contains a lot of dust, which, like sharp blades, can damage the paint surface, so it is relatively good to wipe with a wrung wet cloth.


3. Do not touch anything corrosive. Acidic and alkaline liquids cannot be touched, nor can chemically added water agents, which can harm the paint and cause furniture peeling.


4. Furniture should be clean to avoid bacteria. Dust can accumulate in the cracks of furniture, and over time, bacteria may grow.


5. Do not overstress. The stress on furniture has a certain limit. Generally, do not place too many heavy objects beyond the bearing range, and do not jump or step on any strong damage.


6. Clothes should be dry cleaned as much as possible. Dry cleaning is preferred for any fabric protection products, as water washing can lead to wrinkles and discoloration. Leather and other parts can be cleaned with professional supplies, avoiding using soap, detergent, etc. to wash.


7. Choose the right care water. Furniture has a relatively large amount of materials, so it needs to be maintained with different care water, otherwise it will affect the color of the furniture. Currently, there are two types of furniture supplies: furniture repair wax spray and cleaning maintenance agent. The former is mainly for furniture made of various materials such as wood, polyester, paint, fireproof plywood, and the latter is suitable for furniture made of various materials such as wood, glass, synthetic wood, or melamine, especially for furniture made of mixed materials.


8. Beer cleaning method. Take out about 1400 milliliters of pale beer, then add 28 grams of wax and 14 grams of sugar, stir well, and when the mixture has cooled, dip it in a soft cloth to wipe off the dust. This method is applicable to the washing of oak furniture.


9. Milk cleaning method. Milk that is not drunk after expiration can be used to wash furniture. Soak a clean cloth in the milk that is not drunk after expiration, and then use a second cloth to wipe wooden furniture such as tables. The effect of removing dirt is very good, and it is also useful for maintaining color.


The above explanation is about the daily maintenance measures for furniture in Guangdong hotels. Whether it is furniture or other daily necessities, it is always necessary to pay attention to the correct use and cleaning methods. After all, when used in ordinary times, the damage to furniture is relatively large. For furniture made of different materials, pay attention to the correct cleaning methods. After all, not all furniture is suitable for washing with clean water, so more attention should be paid to furniture made of precious materials.