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What are you still hesitant about choosing custom hotel furniture?

When purchasing hotel furniture, buyers should not blindly choose. Hotel engineering generally involves mass customization of hotel furniture. The quality and selection of furniture, as well as the reputation of the selected hotel furniture factory, can affect the later operation of the hotel. Therefore, it is important to choose a good hotel furniture factory.




1. Hotel Furniture Samples


Hotel furniture manufacturers have sample furniture placed in their showrooms, which is the key for customers to judge the workmanship and quality of furniture products provided by hotel furniture manufacturers. When customers choose a hotel furniture manufacturer, it is good to go to the factory for a field visit to specifically judge the design and production capacity of the factory and the quality of the hotel furniture.


2. Scale of hotel furniture factory


The size of a factory includes the size of the factory, the number of personnel, and the completeness of production equipment. Relatively speaking, the larger the factory, the higher the credibility, and the guaranteed quality. On the other hand, the manufacturer has complete qualifications, including business licenses and relevant certificates. (ISO9001 national quality certification and production license, etc.)


3. The reputation of the factory


There are two aspects to reputation: 1. The industry position and market share of hotel furniture manufacturers. If they are leading enterprises in the hotel furniture industry, they are naturally more reliable. However, the actual situation is often quite special. Because real big factories only produce one or several production lines of hotel furniture. In addition to hotel furniture, there are many other furniture customization services. Take Yage Meitian Furniture Factory for example. In addition to hotel furniture products, we also provide customized services for club furniture, villa furniture products, new Chinese style furniture, KTV furniture, and other products.

In addition to the above, word of mouth is the customer's evaluation of the hotel furniture manufacturer. Among them, we focus on negative reviews. Just like buying a product on JD, we always pay attention to the number of people who buy the product and the product's evaluation.


4. After Sales Service


After-sales service is very important. After installation, if there are problems with the product, they need to be resolved through after-sales service. There may be uneven space dimensions, paint leaks, and poor product quality. Subsequent maintenance of the product can directly affect its service life. Currently, the well-established Yage Meitian Hotel Furniture Factory in the after-sales field has imported technical equipment from Germany, professional hotel furniture designers, mature production lines, and professional quality inspectors. The above situation has basically not occurred.

After discussing the above points about the buyer's choice of a hotel furniture factory, everyone should have a thorough understanding. Finding a good hotel furniture factory is more important to determine whether the favorable comments and economic benefits brought by the customers staying in the hotel are related to the service life and quality assurance of the hotel furniture.