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Yulin Jingxiang Hotel

The hotel has a superior geographical location and is located on Phoenix Island in the heart of Yudong Lake with beautiful scenery. It faces famous scenic spots such as the comprehensive water park Kelawan in Yulin, the Yulin Garden Expo Garden, and the multicolored rural garden near the water. The hotel has convenient transportation, and is about 10 minutes' drive from Wanda Business District, Convention and Exhibition Center, Gymnasium, and the third largest traditional Chinese medicine distribution center in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine Port; About 10 minutes' drive from the Red Cross Hospital and Yulin Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Orthopedic Hospital; It is about 18 minutes' drive from Yulin Railway Station.

The hotel has a construction area of about 2800 square meters and a 6-storey building height. It is equipped with a variety of room types, including Chinese and Western style restaurants, meeting rooms, gyms, tennis courts, fishermen's docks, outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, parent-child parks, waterfront beaches, specialized wedding churches, and other supporting facilities. The conference center has three conference rooms, equipped with first-class conference facilities, high-definition LED screens, audio, wireless microphones, and other complete facilities to meet the needs of different specifications of meetings, providing a comprehensive range of professional conference services. The luxurious design of the rooms, the separation of static and dynamic, and the flexible planning space, as well as the outdoor balcony, make the rooms closer to nature and have a panoramic view of the Jade East Lake. The main color scheme of the room is the earth color system. The simple spatial layout makes the room appear spacious and transparent, creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The room is equipped with a 55-inch 4K ultra high-definition television, high-end toiletries, high cost home textile bedding, soft and comfortable goose down products, high-speed wireless network connection, and so on, ready to meet the comprehensive needs of guests.