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Xiamen Jinglan Hotel

Project Overview

Ganzhuang Mountain in the upper reaches of the Youjiang River is the birthplace of Zhuang culture, the site of Buluotuo culture, and the hometown of Buluotuo, the ancestor of the Zhuang people. It is also the spiritual home that the Zhuang people yearn for. She is like a ribbon dotted in northwest Guangxi, with beautiful scenery, shaded by green trees, and lush bamboos. Strange mountains, water, and karst caves form the wonders along the Youjiang River. Baise Wyndham Resort Hotel is a piece of jade surrounded by mountains and waters on the bank of the Youjiang River. Under the interaction of natural art and unique Zhuang culture, it becomes a new experience of modern tourism that rests on the clouds and hides in the woods. Baise Wyndham Resort Hotel is a luxury international brand hotel invested and newly built by Guangxi Baitou Group (state-owned enterprise), with a total planned land area of 60.6 mu. This project is an important reception unit for various commemorative activities, and also to inherit the important position of the original Baise Hotel in the hearts of the people of Baise City. Therefore, it is also known as "Baise Hotel". To develop the tourism industry, hotels must take the lead. Guangxi has been lagging behind in the development of international five-star hotel chains. Therefore, the project specifically introduces the Wyndham international chain brand from the United States, which is fully commissioned and managed by a third-party (Haoyi) hotel management company in Hong Kong to serve a wider range of customers more professionally.

The hotel is located on the bank of the downtown Youjiang River, overlooking the charming river color; Adjacent to the Baise Garden Expo Park, the environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. It is 45 minutes from Baise Bama Airport, 10 minutes from the high-speed railway station, and only 10 minutes' walk from the Aegean Shopping Center. The hotel contains an elegant Chinese style garden architectural style, with a total of 301 luxury observation rooms, of which the 8-9 floors are specially designed for guests who need private space to enjoy administrative privileges. Five characteristic Chinese and Western restaurants and lobby bars, employing professional service and chef teams to provide guests with more food choices. The 1200 square meter pillarless international conference center, with comprehensive conference service facilities such as multi-function halls, lecture halls, and conference rooms, is an ideal place to undertake various exhibitions and wedding banquets. The hotel is also equipped with elegant chess and card rooms, tea rooms, SPA spas, fitness centers, indoor thermostatic swimming pools, hot spring pools, and other rich leisure venues, which can meet the needs of various types of tourism, leisure, vacation entertainment, business negotiations, and other needs. The meticulous personalized service and rich delicacies make you feel superior and honored. The opening of the Wyndham Resort Hotel in Baise has filled the gap of five-star hotels in Baise City, and will definitely become another new landmark in Baise City!

Project characteristics

Committed to creating a superior experience for guests.